This trip was absolutely spectacular our first intention was to visit Yellowstone National Park alone but after hearing so many fellow photo and videographers in all the other national parks we have done, say that Grand Teton was their favorite. It made us do some research. We quickly discovered that Grand Teton National Park is the best park to see and film wildlife in the US. We rented a condo of the moose Wilson road also a good road to see moose, owl and black bears. I never felt this exited to wake up every morning at 5:30 just to be on time to see what new animals we would discover,the mornings were the best. After about three days of nice blue skies the weather changed and we had snow that made it even more beautiful and the contrast of the black bison against the snow was very nice. We literally saw about all the animals we had hoped to see…even Wolves and Grizzlies we can check that of our bucket list. Not only the wildlife was top also the landscapes,the glassy lakes, the snake river with the most beautiful backdrop of the teton mountains…everything was just perfect. We did meet a lot of photographers and videographers that made the whole experience even greater. They were all very nice and there was a mutual respect and it was very common that they were sharing some great locations where they spotted animals and we then shared the spots we had found. It really felt like a big community of fellow photo and videographers no tour busses like Yellowstone had.Roaming bisons along the different flats, the blazing yellow fall colors of the aspen and birch trees just gorgeous. Our highlight was seeing a pack of 5 wolves they were howling and playing, it all felt very intimate it makes you appreciate the magnificent wildlife even more. We stayed 6 days and we both wished we had more time but were very grateful of all the animals we were able to capture. This was by far the most diverse wildlife we have ever seen and it make this stunning park our new favorite too.I hope you will enjoy watching and encourage to watch till the end since the second half will show you the pack of wolves and the snowy landscapes with the moose too. No wonder they call the Grand Teton National Park a gem of the west.