Páll Pálsson has been a man of the sea for 36 years. With a life of fishing, comes a life of little sleep. Research shows that nearly half of Icelandic fishermen suffer from sleep-related disorders such as chronic fatigue and apnea.

Executive Producers: Kaylee King-Balentine, Steven Richardson
Producers: Raquel Bubar, Rupert Savage
Post Producer: Lauren Tyson
Production Assistants: Jenna Haddaway, Sarah Thomas
Fixer: Daddi Haraldur
Director: Gregory Hackett
Focus Puller: Jon England
Camera Assistant: Carolina Salas
Drone Operator: Ozzo Photography
1st Assistant Director: Steve Wingrove
Photographer: Tristan Conor Holden
Editor: Tim Swaby
Grade: The Mill
Composer: Rob Law
Sound Designer: Martin Leitner, Wave Studios
Produced by: T Brand Studio and Spindle
Special Thanks: Páll Pálsson