“Good towns need good parks like Manning’s Pit”
James Lovelock, originator of Gaia Theory

The fields known as Manning’s Pit in Pilton, Barnstaple have been walked and played on by local people for at least a thousand years. They’re a little piece of the beautiful North Devon countryside within an easy stroll of town, one of the many reasons why they are much loved by local residents. Memories run deep here and many tell of how their grandparents and even great grandparents treasured these fields. Today Manning’s Pit is a safe place to play for a new generation of Pilton’s children.
But nameless land speculators have now bought the fields and are pressing ahead with plans to turn Manning’s Pit into a housing estate. This film tells the stories of the local people young and old who treasure the magic of Manning’s Pit. Revealing a a deep and abiding love for a very special piece of land that they are determined not to loose.
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