Director Amon Barker grew up exploring the mountains, valleys, and desserts of New Mexico and developed a passion for the outdoors. He was drawn to photography in order to share his experiences with the landscape. Along the way he met others with a similar connection to the environment even when living very different lives.

When we came up with the concept for the Human Nature short it was very simple. We wanted to create powerful images of the natural world that would remind viewers of their connection to the land and it’s personal meaning to them. We hit the road on a series of production road trips and the story of the edit unfolded through our journey. None of us will forgot the moments along the way.

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Full Credits
Director: Amon Barker
Production: Après Visuals, Amon Barker, Karissa Tuthill
Cinematography: Amon Barker, Tim Barker, Brian Morrison
Talent: Demi Petersen
Editor: Amon Barker
Original Music: Madelaine German, Adam Schmidt
Sound Design: Scotty Beam, Cleod9 Music
Titles: Eric Bucy, Kailey Tuthill, Scott Sutton