Last year in August I traveled up to North Queensland for a quick photo adventure. We stayed at Palm Cove for a week (tough luck!), nearby to awesome places like the Great Barrier Reef & the Daintree rainforest. FNQ has so much to offer! I’m already wanting to go back.

Shot on the Black Magic 4K production camera with Canon lenses, graded in Resolve. Movi M5 used in a few shots. Aerials were hand held and stabilized in post (in 4K with the global shutter, it seems to work really well). I love the look that the Black Magic produces, though unfortunately the camera itself is a little to ‘unique’ to warrant keeping it. I sold it shortly after filming this, replaced by a GH4.

Aerial work by GBR Helicopters. Music – ‘Ascent’ by A.Taylor.