Inspired from Bill Buford’s book ‘Among the Thugs: The Experience, and the Seduction, of Crowd Violence’ a particular paragraph stood out to me regarding the herd mentality of crowds. Here Buford introduces a series of metaphors from historians, sociologists, criminologists, social psychologists & philosophers that define what a crowd is to them. Adapted for the chaos of city life and narrated by Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, this is my ode to nature.

Writer & Director: Dan Sadgrove
DP: Tim Pierce at Two Bearded Men
Producer: Toby Crawford at Two Bearded Men
Editor: Iain Whitewright at Whitehouse Post
Colorist: Aubrey Woodiwiss at Electric Theatre
Narration: Ólafur Darri Ólafsson
Sound: Jonny Platt at Wave
Story adapted by Dan Sadgrove & Amelia Rynkowska

Original music by Max LL

Thanks to those above who contributed their time and talent to this project and a special thanks to Zara-lee Macdonald from High Country Stables for providing the beautiful horses, Sam MacDonald for wrangling the dogs and sheep, John Perriam for letting us film at Bendigo Station, Bob Perriam for providing us with the Land Rover and Nick Wallace from Alpine Helicopters.

Filmed in and around Wanaka, New Zealand.