4K/UHD Version: youtu.be/MozX3qFIkpQ

Today I’m privileged to share with you the Finland I got to experience. I’ve witnessed the diversity and immense beauty of this land from the very north all the way to the southern parts, yet every time I set off I’m in awe. Finland never ceases to amaze me, and so, I’m truly honored and blessed to call this country my home.

This journey was more than a timelapse project. I could go on and on ecstatically about what I experienced during the 8500 kilometers on the road. As I carried the burden of impending schoolwork, I had to make the most out of my time, while fulfilling my dream. It meant that the three months spent with the project were momentous.

I’m thrilled to have experienced Finland’s sublime nature on my travels, yet I’m also moved by being able to touch a great deal of people by doing what I love. I find their appraisal and kindness most humbling and rewarding.¨

I want to thank everyone from my family for playing their part in this project from the very first day I picked up this hobby till today. I’d also like to thank my relatives and friends, especially my cousin and colleague Niko Juntunen.

All the clips are available for licensing in 4K resolution. Lengths varies between clips from 6-20 seconds, averaging 12 seconds. Contact me for inquiries: riku@kk7.fi

Behind the Scenes -video of the project:

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Music: “Hope Of Men” – Bytheway-May (Licensed via The Music Bed)

Canon 600D (From the very beginning of my time in photography, until this project. In memoriam 2012-2015)
Canon 700D
Sony A7S
Samyang 14mm, Samyang 24mm, Canon 15-85mm, Canon 24-105mm, Canon 100-400mm & Tokina 11-16mm
DIY slider with Emotimo TB3

Location list:
00:0000:10 Kivesvaara, Paltamo / 00:1000:20 Kiilopää, Saariselkä / 00:1000:25 Pallas, Muonio / 00:2500:31 Pallas, Muonio / 00:3100:35 Kiilopää, Saariselkä / 00:3500:39 Hyyppäänvuori, Laukaa / 00:3900:47 Koli, Lieksa / 00:4700:52 Malla, Kilpisjärvi / 00:5200:57Saana, Kilpisjärvi / 00:5701:02 Pallas, Muonio / 01:0201:07 Pallas, Muonio / 01:0701:12 Kiilopää, Saariselkä / 01:1201:20 Pähkänä, Kuusamo / 01:2001:33 Pyhä-Nattanen, Sodankylä / 01:3301:40 Saana, Kilpisjärvi / 01:4401:54 Jurmo, Pargas / 01:5401:59 Pirunkirkko (Koli), Lieksa / 01:5902:04 Ruskiakallio, Lapinjärvi / 02:0402:09 Mäyrämäki, Lapinjärvi / 02:0902:14 Saana, Kilpisjärvi / 02:1402:25Pallas, Muonio / 02:2502:30 Fäboda, Pietarsaari / 02:3002:35 Jurmo, Pargas / 02:3502:45 Kiilopää, Saariselkä / 02:4502:49 Kivesvaara, Paltamo / 02:4902:52 Jurmo, Pargas / 02:5202:56 Kivesvaara, Paltamo / 02:5603:00 Konttainen, Kuusamo / 03:0003:04 Koli, Lieksa /03:0403:06 Kiilopää, Saariselkä / 03:0603:10 Saltkaret, Svedjehamn / 03:1003:14 Kiilopää, Saariselkä / 03:1403:17 Pyhä-Nattanen, Sodankylä / 03:1703:21 Haukkavuori, Rautjärvi / 03:2103:26 Paavolan Tammi, Lohja / 03:2603:34 Jurmo, Pargas / 03:3403:47Ristikallio, Kuusamo

By Riku Karjalainen