In 2015, I’ve travelled through three of the most beautiful countries in the World: New Zealand (my first love), Sweden and Norway.
I carried two cams, some lenses, filters, intervallometers, tripods, a slider and a lot of memory cards in my backpack, trying to capture some of the beauty of these countries.

Altough I don’t know them personally, I would like to thank a few guys for their inspiration :
First of all : Bevan Percival. I believe his fantastic “Epic Landscape“ video was the first timelapse video I’ve ever watched, and it made me start researching timelapse photography, approximately one year ago. Shortly after that, I found many other amazing videos, created by Dustin Farrell, Shawn Reeder, Stephen Patience and Martin Heck. Thanks a lot guys for your inspiring work ! Special thanks to Stephen, who replied to all of my questions, and helped me take steps forward!

After watching all these videos, I knew I wanted to create something similar. My problem: I had no clue how to create a timelapse sequence, or even a good looking landscape picture. Aperture, ISO, shutter speed, exposure, RAW-files, manual mode – I had to learn a lot of stuff .
Finally, Gunther Wegner came into play. I bought his E-Book about timelapse photography and his software “LR Timelapse“(Thank you for these great tools!). That helped me finally get going.

Since then I’ve read a lot, watched hundreds of tutorials and videos, bought some gear and started practicing. Starting something new is always difficult – you have to learn from mistakes, (and there is a lot you can do wrong) and try to be patient. When you start from zero, it’s nice to see some results quite quickly, whilst still knowing there’s a long, long way to go, and a lot of things to be messed up.

But one day you have to spread your wings and fly….

At the end of December 2014 I travelled to New Zealand, big plans in my mind, a lot of gear in my backback (meanwhile I had also added a „pocket-slider“ to my toolbox and would like to thank Ben Sichert for this great little robot – I love it !) but very little experience.

As soon as I arrived in NZL I started shooting timelapse sequences – not as many as I had hoped for, but still quite a few. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough (satisfying) material (by far) to create a full video. So I made a short trip to Sweden months later and spent my summer holidays in Norway to create more sequences.

Well, now I’m hoping to have a decent amount of clips to finally release my first timelapse-video: “Three”. In the end, I decided to also add some scences from “My Backyard”, so I actually should have called the video “Four”……well, who cares 😉
It’s not perfect, but hey, you have to start with something.

I had great fun shooting all these pics, and I loved even more being outdoors, enjoying our beautiful planet. Great experience!

Musictrack is “Seeds” by Tony Anderson – licensed for use through The Music Bed

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p.s. Marie Wilkins has been of great help proofreading the above. Thank you, Marie 🙂


Featured on Votiv Earth on October 13th, 2015