Revisiting Bali’s dive sites was something we had wanted to do for a while. Even though all the dive sites were familiar to us it was time to dive them again with a fresh mind and a bigger camera.

We did this trip in August 2015 and none of the dives disappointed. In fact we got lucky with stunning visibility and fish life throughout our time in Bali. The Jetty was for us the highlight of the trip with almost crystal clear water. We got to dive Biaha, which was a new site for us. August is the season for the ever elusive Mola Mola in Bali, but unfortunately we did not get to see them this time around. Manta Point on the other hand surprised us with 12-15 Mantas circling the cleaning station. We even got to see the very rare bald fish! 😉

Another unforgettable trip. Please enjoy!

Kerry Muzzey – The Profound Beauty of it All (License: The Musicbed)
The Painted Pianos – White Forest – Instrumental (License: The Musicbed)


Featured on Votiv Earth on September 17th, 2015