A showreel featuring Nauticam’s all new Atomos Shogun Housing. Video was captured from several locations including Grand Cayman, Grand Bahama, and the Channel Islands in CA.

With Nauticam’s new housing and innovative mounting system for the Shogun, video shooters will now be able to bring this powerful video combination underwater. Not only does the Shogun provide a 7 inch high resolution monitor, but it also performs as an external recorder for cameras like the Sony A7s and Panasonic GH4, allowing stunning 4K video capture using a ProRes 4:2:2 codec in 8bit(A7S) and 10bit(GH4) color depth.

Video Credits:
– Footage – Eric Cheng, Cristian Dimitrius, and Ryan Canon
– Editing – Lee Burghard


By Nauticam

Featured on Votiv Earth on May 12th, 2015