The Revillagigedo Islands are considered by some to be one of the greatest dive sites for viewing large marine wildlife. For many months we planned an expedition that would take place during a very specific time of the year: spring. Our trip was blessed with all the large pelagics including several species of sharks (galapagos, silky, silver, white tip and hammer heads), big yellowfin tuna, schools of skipjack tuna, humpback whales, dolphins and giant mantas.

To our surprise the “Boiler” was the most exciting area in the archipielago. Early & late dives were guaranteed many dolphin and shark encounters, while during midday the giant mantas would harass divers and it was not uncommon to see 6-7 at the same time. Roca Partida, as usual impressed the entire crew with rivers of sharks and a unique morning dive with a pod of +20 playful dolphins.

Revillagigedo delivers. Constantly and exceptionally.

Thank you SeaEscape for making this possible.

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Music: Liberation by Harold van Lenep
Video/Edit: Jero Prieto

By Pelagic Life

Featured on Votiv Earth on April 23rd, 2015