I present my latest work, a timelapse is the result of the collection of all sequences performed nightly on my trips to the Canary Islands in the past four years. (2011-2014).
As I have said on several occasions and I will not find anything new to say that the Canary Islands have some of the best skies worldwide for space observations, hence their facilities on the islands for these . ends with representation from many countries
The timelapse that I present is recorded in Tenerife (National Park Cañadas del Teide – 2200 m), La Palma (Roque de los muchachos – 2,400 m) and El Hierro (Viewpoints Malpaso and Jinama -. 1,500 m)
have been many nights to enjoy truly wonderful watching the stars, on some occasions in the company and other alone.
When you find yourself alone with the stars in these special places are many feelings that assail you, you feel infinitely small, almost say that you find yourself.
Also have to say that to get these images has also played spend cold, hunger, and why not say any other “scary” night everything is magnified.
But as always say, once seen the result is worth the effort.
Finally thank all who have shared with me some night this point and all who have taught me to do this kind of photography and of course the canonikos! . !!
timelapse Music:
Guardians at the gate itunes.apple.com/es/album/guardians-at-gate-david-garcia/id934236209?i=934236224

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