Here are some images of the 10 days road trip through California we did last December.
We landed at L.A., rent a minivan, so we could sleep on an air mattress in the back of it. After a first night in L.A., we travelled through Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, and headed right away for the death valley, we saw an absolutely stunning landscape in this desert and spent the night under hundreds of stars.
On our way to Las Vegas we met and fed a fearless coyote.

After we spent few days among the artificial lights and the sounds of casinos, here we were back to nature at Yosemite, a big change of scenery, hiking in the woods, we felt so small surrounded by those gigantic sequoias!
So many lakes, waterfalls, the perfect place for those who love nature, when the dark came down we met two beautiful deers seeking for their meal.
On our way to San Francisco we have been caught in a middle of a tempest, it was so bad we didn’t really enjoy our stay in SF (next time), so we decided to go back to L.A. and finish our trip there.

On the way back we stopped at Pismo Beach where we catch a beautiful sunset, the amazing pink sky, the stunning blue sea. California’s lights are incredible, and so are the people we met.

It was the best experience we had and we’re looking forward to go back for more adventures.

Shoot with Sony FS700 with Odyssey 7Q
Carl Zeiss lenses : 35mm, 50mm , 85mm
Edited in Premiere Pro CC & Davinci Resolve

Music : City & Colour – Comin’Home