I never know what I’m going to see.
But I start to see rhythms.
I see little moments, building into bigger moments.
I see trails ahead, nights, and early mornings.
I see streams. I see signs.
‘Man is born to die. His works are short lived.
Buildings crumble. Monuments decay. Wealth vanishes.
But Katahdin, in all it’s glory, forever shall remain the mountain of the
people of Maine.’
I see rocks. I see pushing forward for a moment.
I see Katahdin.
I see peace, and direction.
I see a long descent, and our last water,
But I see beauty.
I see memories of days, and roads, leading somewhere.
All moments leading up to a mountain,
A mountain surrounded by a web of life.
I see, in all it’s glory,

Film, Edit, Voiceover:
juharo productions

By Julian Rodier

Featured on Votiv Earth on February 1st, 2015