Some stories , you can relate . Some you can’t.
When you make the decision to follow your dreams and make your life as adventurous as it is possible, you had to make some “CHOICES”. In this short movie , there is not one , but several stories and only one thread.A choice of a lifetime’s man who decided 20 years ago to discover as much as he can our beautiful world.
This short movie is A Retrospective of my best moments filmed over the last 3 years compiled in this short sequence.It’s a mix of different trips in different country around the world .
I wanted to showcase in this clip all the facets of cinematography i had experiment from time-lapse to aerial photography.

Filmed in different location: Iceland,Norway,Sweden,USA,Japan,Myanmar,Vietnam,Nepal,France,Italy,Spain,Germany.
Music by the talented SHULGIM.

By Yannick Calonge

Featured on Votiv Earth on February 16th, 2015