Earlier this year I boarded a plane bound for Europe. With no firm plans, I was able to freely roam, discovering new places and meeting new people. One of these people was Mathieu Le Lay, a French adventurer and filmmaker, and someone who’s work I’ve followed on Vimeo for quite a while. After hearing I was in London, he very kindly invited me to come and explore France with him, to which I keenly accepted. It’s times like this I really love the internet, and more so Vimeo, connecting two people with a similar love of filmmaking from opposite sides of the earth. It was really great getting to know Mathieu, hearing about his work and creativity, and seeing his passion and love for what he does. While adventuring in the French Alps near his current home in Annecy, and exploring his home town of Brittany, I turned on my camera and started to shoot. I didn’t really know what I was making, but inspired by Mathieu’s connection with nature and the wild, and myself in awe of the beautiful landscapes, I continued shooting. Things began to evolve, the final result being this short film.

Thanks for having me Mathieu, and showing me around your beautiful country. Was an honour and great pleasure to work with you on this film, and can’t wait to come back to France! Keep inspiring people with your incredible work.



Words by MATHIEU LE LAY, inspired by “Stillness Speaks” by Eckhart Tolle, writings from Wayne Dyer, and Albert Espinosa.

You can check out Mathieu’s work here:

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By Benjamin Dowie

Featured on Votiv Earth on January 5th, 2015