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Isunngua is a highland region that extends to the edge of the Greenland ice sheet, about 100 km inland from the Davis Strait. For thousands of years, caribou have been using this area as a calving ground each June, although these clips were filmed in the gray days of August. Many of these shots come from the Russell Glacier, a snout of ice that descends to the edge of the tundra and terminates in a massive, crumbling, frozen wall. I didn’t witness any large ice-falls while filming this time, but their rumblings are an ever-present reminder of summer discernible even several miles away where I camp.

A video from last year of the ice wall collapsing:

Gear: Nikon D600 with various lenses
GoPro Hero3+ Black (2.7k 30p medium and wide) on a Phantom 2 equipped with H3-3D gimbal

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By jtk

Featured on Votiv Earth on December 2nd, 2014