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Forgotten Spaces: Wyoming’s Red Desert showcases special wild landscapes in Wyoming’s Red Desert including but not limited to, the Honeycomb Buttes WSA, Oregon Buttes WSA, Whitehorse Creek WSA, Sand Dunes WSA, and Harris Slough. This is only a small sampling of the scenic values contained in the Red Desert. The landscapes within this vast expanse of southwest Wyoming are comparable to national parks in other states.

While you view the spectacular Red Desert please keep in mind that the Red Desert currently has no long term legal protection that will adequately protect its values from thoughtless oil and gas development. Wyoming Wilderness Association (WWA) is working to change this. Our work is motivated by the values of the Red Desert and our supporters that make our work possible. Please support our work to protect these values and donate.

A sampling of the Red Desert values your donation will help protect include:

-The ancient Lake Gosiute formerly covered much of Southwest Wyoming including the Red Desert. Consequently, the observant explorer may discover shells of ancient turtles or even fossilized alligator bones, testaments to the rich ecological history of the area.

-Red Desert travelers can visit the remnants of South Pass Stage Road, a passage carved in the sand by westward bound settlers on the Oregon Trail.

-Wyoming’s last remaining desert elk herd and the largest desert elk herd in the lower 48 is found in the Red Desert.

– The largest pronghorn herd in the lower 48 can be found in the Red Desert.

-The northern Red Desert is home to nine Wilderness Study Areas which feature untouched badlands, hoodoos, vast expanses of a pristine sagebrush ecosystem, dune fields, and rock outcrops

-The largest migratory sand dune formation in North America is found in the Red Desert.

-The only other comparable example of a pristine sagebrush steppe ecosystem is found in Mongolia. The sagebrush steppe ecosystem is one of the most endangered in the world.

-The Red Desert contains the largest un-fenced expanse found in the lower 48.

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By Wyoming Wilderness

Featured on Votiv Earth on December 20th, 2014