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Here are some pictures I have been taking as well:

Music : François de Roubaix
-L’adieu à l’antarctique 1974 (should have been used for cousteau’s documentary on Antarctique in 1974 but was unfortunately refused)
-La Frite équatoriale

My head is full of penguins and I just wanted to share this.
I shot these videos in Antarctica. I used a NIKON D3100 and a few lenses, but most of the shot was made with the wide angle lens. I hope you will enjoy the video.

Here are some of the locations where I shot:

-Paulet Island -Brown Bluff
-Cuverville Island -Melchior Islands
-Paradise Bay -Neko Harbour
-Port Lockroy -Deception Island

By Kadavre Exquis

Featured on Votiv Earth on November 29th, 2014