We don’t need to dive into the deep ocean to find the most unusual lifeforms. This short clip is a journey into a bizarre world of microscopic inhabitants of pond water.

You will see water fleas, bryozoans, water mites, mayfly nymphs, ostracods, and, of course, hydras. They jump, crawl, and float in a completely alien environment filled with mesmerizing algae and bushes of ciliates on stalks.

This video uses image that I made through a biological microscope and macro lenses. I believe that macro work added more depth and allows seeing whole animals in a more natural environment. The average size of the animals filmed was less than 1 mm.

Visit my website for more images: microworldsphotography.com

Cameras used: Canon EOS 7D and Sony NEX-7. Microscope: Zeiss Axioscope A1. Macro lens: mp-e 65 mm. Plus many additional tools. Although I spent about a week of filming, it took more than a year of preparations, developing the skills, and learning how to find animals… especially in autumn.

Would like to thank every friend who contributed to making this video!

By Daniel Stoupin

Featured on Votiv Earth on October 28th, 2014